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The Irony of Judges 6

May 3, 2016

I noticed something ironic in Judges 6. The Israelites had abandoned God’s Word. They abandoned His authority and His wise guidelines for living their lives, that promised blessings and peace. They turned to their own ways and the gods of the nations around them. Then, when trouble came, they turned around and blamed God for their situation. Gideon said, “If the LORD is with us, why then has all this happened? And where are all His wonderful deeds?” But notice the grace. The angel of the LORD doesn’t respond like he could have with, “How dare you blame God for a situation that you put yourselves in. The reason you are in this mess is your own sin and rebellion. It is you who are not with God. It is not His fault!” No, instead, the angel promised deliverance. Despite how just it would have been for God to judge Gideon and the people of Israel for abandoning God, and then blaming Him for their problems, He raises up a deliverer to save the very people that blamed Him for the problems they created. For those who may look at the world and ask, “Where is the LORD, why has all of this happened?” The answer is the same. Turn to Christ. He is the deliverer that saves us from the problems we ourselves have created in this world. He is the Gracious One, who defeats the enemy of sin in our own hearts and mercifully turns us back to Himself and to His ways, so that we can experience the peace He desires for us. His ways are peace. His ways are joy. His ways are freedom. I pray that we all turn from our own way, and stop blaming God for problems we created, and learn how to worship God in truth, and follow Him. I pray we all come to know the incredible mercy God has given us in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is the solution to the problems we have created.

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