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Hello everyone!

October 18, 2012

Welcome to my first endeavor at a website!

Please excuse the lack of aesthetics at the moment.  I am working on organizing the page and beg for your patience and grace!

I am a student at Whitefield Theological Seminary, a member at Grace Church in Rochester, NY, and a happy husband to my wife Rachel.

I have been passionate about writing and have recently decided blogging would a great place to start.  I hope to use this site as a place to discuss various theme relating to God and Scripture.  I will most likely be posting about the material I am learning in school but other topics are sure to arise.  I would like this to be a site where we can grow together in our understanding of God and His Word.  I welcome open discussion however I am committed to respectful disagreement.  We must deeply consider each other’s thoughts and treat each other with gentleness and respect.  That being said I do not believe we can grow in our understanding of God without being challenged emotionally.  I hope those of you who read and follow along with this blog will be willing to have some challenging conversations with kindness, patience and love.  I hope to offer two posts a week.  One will be posted on Mondays and the other on Thursdays.  The time in between I hope will give us the opportunity to discuss the material.

May God bless all of you!  I look forward to growing with you!

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